What is MG Fit?

MG Fit is the first national awareness and fundraising campaign initiated by the Myasthenia Gravis Society of Canada. MG Fit intends to assist in the costs of improving awareness and support of MG patients, caregivers, health care professionals and MG researchers.

The MG Fit campaign fulfills the mission of MG Canada to promote the health of MG patients by providing access to information and support group programs; to advance MG education through seminars, literature and other multi-media communications; and to receive and maintain funds for qualified MG research, or researches for MG cure.

Moreover, MG Fit intends to be a sustainable platform for MG patients to achieve wholeness in view of the changed dynamics of their bodies, minds and spirits. Those living with MG eventually realize that they have a “new normal” which limits their capabilities. MG Fit promotes the acceptance of MG chronic realities which will allow patients to purse stability through treatment, and attain growth through the determination to live within their “new normal.” Thus, more than just an awareness and fundraising campaign, MG Fit gives patients the opportunity to achieve personal well being, and reach new levels of fulfillment and wholeness given the realities of the chronic disease.

Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is a rare neurological autoimmune disease that causes muscle weakness. There are several treatment options for MG patients, and no singular treatment works for everyone. As of today, no cure has been found for MG but it can be stabilized with treatment by a neurologist specializing in MG.

MG Canada, a registered not-for-profit organization with Charitable # 81155 1431 RR0001, estimates that about 30,000 Canadians may have MG, but may have been misdiagnosed with other conditions which can become life-threatening if they suffocate due to severe weakness of the respiratory muscles.

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